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Paulson Rolls 300 Game

                                                                     Feb. 18, 2015

Dean Paulson rolled a perfect game at Northern Aire Lanes on Wednesday night in the City League. He rolled the perfect game on lanes 9-10 during the four game set of league play. The infamous 300 game came for Paulson on game two as he finished the night with a 914 series. Few realized Dean had such a string of strikes going on Wed as he was bowling on lanes 9-10. After nailing the final shot and the many cheers, Dean soon had several high fives coming his way. He was using a Motiv ‘Venom Shock’ to take down the pins. Dean’s 300 is the third at NAL this season as Jamie Johnson rolled two just a few weeks apart earlier in the season.

Dean is no stranger to the lanes, bowling since the age of four. He is currently in three leagues at Northern Aire Lanes, and spends several hours each week at the lanes. However, only half that time he is actually rolling a ball. As head coach of the Fergus Falls High School bowling team, he spends a majority of lane time helping the kids develop their game. Wednesday night was Dean’s third time career 300 game, the most recent of which came in October of 2013.

FF bowler breaks two records

Published: 10-26-2014 Fergus Falls Daily Journal

When taking the lanes Monday atNorthern AireinFergusFalls, Olivia Anderson went about her business like she usually does, picking up her Venom Shock bowling ball and rolling it down the lane. But on this occasion, everything was nearly perfect.Andersonrolled games of 267, 236 and 253 to finish with a 756 series.

That feat was impressive for a junior bowler, but what was more impressive is that not only did she record the highest series for a junior bowler, she also broke the women’s high series at the lanes.

“The whole time I didn’t realize I had broken the women’s high series,” Anderson said. “Luke (Loeffler) told me after I was done. It was pretty exciting and I have a feeling of accomplishment.”

The previous women’s high series was 736, rolled by Jenny Thunselle.

Loeffler believes that Anderson only had one open frame in the entire 36-frame series.

Anderson has been bowling since she was 4 and has been a key member in the FergusFalls co-ed and girls bowling teams the past few seasons.

9 19 2014

Johnson Rolls 1st 300 Game

 This Season


   Just two weeks into the 2014-15 bowling season Jamie Johnson is getting started on the right track!  Johnson's first game on Friday night in the Commercial League couldn't have went any better stringing 12 strikes in a row.  The pins were flying on lanes 13-14 where Johnson was bowling as captain on the Kentucky Fried Chicken team.  His other games in the four game set were 187, 246, and 187 for a 920 series.  Jamie carried a 212 through the 2013-14 season for a final average in the Commercial League. 

  Jamie is no stranger to the lanes, bowling for several years at  N.A..L    He has recorded one previous perfect game along with several games being just one shot away, including a handful of 299 games!  Jamie's 300 is on top of the honor roll board for this season as well as the first recorded series on the board with his first three games totaling an impressive 733 series. 


                                                            October 30, 2013


Paulson rolls 300 game

Dean Paulson bowled his second career 300 game Wednesday night in the City League. Dean started the night with the 300 game and finished the night with a 908 four game series!


Dean’s 300 game is the first for Fergus bowlers this season.

                                                                     Nov. 29, 2013

Steinbach rolls 300 Game


          Shaun Steinbach rolled a 300 game at Northern Aire Lanes during the Commercial League on Friday night.  He started the night with a 197 followed by the 300,  then a 214 and 215.  His four game total for the night on lanes 17-18 was 926. 

          This is not Shaun's first, but third time stringing twelve strikes together at Northern Aire Lanes.  His most recent came in 2012.  Shaun has an average of 209 in the Commercial League and also bowls in the City League.  His perfect game is the second one rolled at Northern Aire Lanes this season; Dean Paulson rolled the first in October in the City League

Allen Rocholl    -    300 Game


Nov. 16, 2012


    Friday night started out just as any other night for Allen Rocholl who bowls for the Stocks Auto Sales team at Northern Aire Lanes.  Rocholl’s team was paired up on lanes 15-16 against the Len’s Construction team for the four game match.  Rocholl, the team’s anchor bowler, was saving it all for the end.  Not just the tenth frame, but the entire last game.  Allen rolled all strikes the final game, giving him his first 300 game in the fifteen years he’s been bowling in the Friday Night Commercial League.  With all the excitement of the 300, he couldn’t even remember his previous high game, but it was a 250 something. There was a 299 game rolled last week by Charlie Hein and a 296 by Jr.  bowler Hunter Christenson, but Rocholl is the first of this season to roll 300. 

Steinbach rolls perfect game          April 11, 2012


Shaun Steinbach saved it all ‘til the end. On the final week of the season, he rolled several consecutive strikes during City League at Northern Aire Lanes in Fergus Falls. He started out the night on lanes 5-6 with a 216 and 256. The WILD, his team, moved to lanes 11-12 for the final two matches of the season. Steinbach came out strong with a 300 game, followed by a 246 to end the regular season. He rounded out the season with the league’s highest series, a 1018. Shaun ended with a 216 average, the highest of his career.

Steinbach is not a stranger to the lanes. He started out in Jr. Leagues at Northern Aire Lanes and has bowled in various leagues ever since.

The 35-year-old will now have a ’2′ behind his name on NAL’s ’300 Board’.

The right-hander was the first to roll a perfect game on Northern Aire’s synthetic lanes in 2003.

There have been 44 perfect games rolled in the history of Northern Aire Lanes, 33 of which have came on the synthetic lanes.

February 3, 2012


Donley Rolls 300 Game



Northern Aire Lanes saw it’s second perfect game rolled in less than two weeks.  ‘Saving the best for last.’ That is exactly what Mike Donley did Friday night during the Commercial League.  His last game of the night, Donley rolled 12 consecutive strikes for his first 300 game.  Bowling on lanes 19-20, Mike rolled an 861 four game series with the Select Sires team.




Mike started out in the Junior Bowling program at Northern Aire Lanes, and has been bowling in various leagues for more than 25 years.  This season, he’s been carrying an average of 192 on Friday nights and also bowls in the Tuesday Sport League. He also travels to several tournaments throughout the season.  Mike has been just one strike shy of perfection too many times to count rolling numerous 279 games throughout his career.  However, the ‘Donley’ name is no stranger when it comes to the infamous 300.  Mike’s dad Gene, was the second person ever to roll a perfect game at Northern Aire Lanes.  Gene Donley rolled his 300 in 1971 on lanes 9-10 (now lanes 17-18).  Mike said it best “This is kind of an emotional night for me, I always looked up to my Dad’s 300 and now I finally did it!  This is just a Great Night for me!”  Mike’s long time friend and team mate Mark Fredrickson was also bowling on the Sires team Friday night.  Mark and Mike the number three and four bowlers both had all strikes going into the tenth frame.  Mark’s 11 th ball just missed carrying the 8 pin giving him a very respectable 288 game.  Then, all eyes were on Mike as he buried all three shots in the tenth for the prestigious 300!






The lanes were hot on Monday night during the First Nighters league at Northern Aire Lanes. Nathan Runningen is the fifth person to ever brake the aspired 800 series mark on the lanes in Fergus. Nate summed up his three games on lanes 17-18 with an astonishing 801 total.


Runningen, a life long bowler starting in Jr. leauges at NAL, began the night with an impressive 264 game. The second game; a 237, didn't come easy as his spare conversions were tested. He picked up a very challenging 4-10 split in the middle of the game which essentially saved his opportunity to conquer the 800 mark. Nate rolled twelve consecutive strikes the final game of the night. Not only was it his third carreer perfect game, but the life long goal of an 800 series was met!



Runningen, who rolls in three leagues at Northern Aire Lanes, bowls between 15-20 games any given week during the bowling season. Although Nate's 225 Commercial League average is the highest, his best scores this season have came in the First Nighters league. His previous high for this season was a 757, topped off by an all time high series of 792. Nate added a third perfect game to his carreer list of 300 games. Runningen also competes in several tournaments around the area each season.

2012-2013 Top Bowlers !

First Junior Bowler to Roll 300  

Josh Thunselle became the first Junior bowler at Northern Aire Lanes to roll a perfect game. He was bowling on lanes 1-2 with teammates Zach Thom and Zane Bugbee while doing a league make-up for Saturday Morning Jr. League.  Josh Started off with a 224 and 217 which were nothing out of the norm, just above his 201 average.  The final game of the series, Josh rolled 12 consecutive strikes for a perfect 300 game.  His three game series totaled 741. 
With a name like Thunselle; it’s obvious  Josh is no stranger to bowling.  Josh is not the only Thunselle to ever roll a 300.  Josh’s father Scott, recorded a perfect game earlier this season at NAL during the First Nighters League.  It doesn’t end there, bowling really is in his blood!.  Kristi, Josh’s mother, was the previous women’s record holder at NAL with a high series of  708 and has women’s high game for 11-12’ season at 267.  
Josh has been rolling a bowling ball for most of his life.  He is a senior at FFHS this year and has been bowling Jr. Leagues since first grade.  Josh has also been a driving force on the high school bowling team for the past three seasons.  Josh was the team’s leading bowler each season leading them to three consecutive state tournaments where they finished 3rd as a team in 2011.  Josh was ranked 46th out of more than 1600 bowlers in the state his senior year.  He credits much of his success to his family as well as Coach Dean Paulson of the FFHS Bowling team.  
NALTop Bowlers!

Ball Demo Day - Bowlers testing all of the newest balls! - Oct 11, 2012




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